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BOB HILLS, a nationally recognized Fine Arts Photographer contacted me in the spring of 2010 and asked if I would like to accompany him on a trip to Southern Utah. I jumped at the opportunity. What I decided to do on the trip was to "bird dog" Bob. I didn't use a tripod, but just grabbed some hand held shots so that I wouldn't hold the group up, in any way.
Here are a few of the pictures I took. We rappeled down into a Slot Canyon east of Bryce Canyon for some photographs. We also shot some scenes in Bryce and the general area.
Bob is a super fun person to travel with. He occasionally does Photo Workshops. He is an excellent teacher. We first met in 1968.

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Why don't you drop in sometime?
Making a move.
Pictures below are re-photographed B&W Sepia Prints.
These photographs were taken at Utah's Solitude Ski Resort
around 1968.
On the ridge between Solitude Fork and Honeycomb Fork.
    120 Tri-X black & white film, orange filter. Circa 1970.
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The fire came through so fast it didn't
have time to consume everything.
Lovely evening.
Senor Roberto doing his thing.
                The Great Inland Sea

                                 Utah's Great Salt Lake.
Located just north of the Erda Horse Farm.
More Scenics to come.

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The Miners Hospital, Park City, Utah. 
Wildfires in Tooele County, Utah.
Range Fires and Grass Fires in western Utah.
​     The appearance of the World changes.
As of 3-15-'17
In the Head of Honeycomb Fork.
                     Circa 1973.